Initiative's drivers

Across the US several dog parents have reported in the last weeks that their pets became fatally ill after swimming in lakes and ponds, apparently after ingesting water with toxic algae.

Sadly we say goodbye to Abby, Arya, Clue, Fina, Harper, Harpo, e Izzy, whom together their parents were enjoying outdoor activities. They existence ended by the toxic blue-green algae.

In lakes and ponds, the cyanobacteria or green-blue algae blooms by heat. Its toxicity is dangerous to the life of pets, even for us. Dogs are the most exposed, because they play on the shore where the blooming of these toxic algae is most concentrated, and ingest them when they drink water there, swimming, or licking themselves.

We take this opportunity to include in this initiative the sighting of wild animals as Coyotes, pumas, bears, or snakes. They are closer and closer toward our homes and are risky for our pets, and us too.

What can we do about this?

If you know a place that could mean a threat for our pets, please report it ASAP to our Pet-Friend community by means of this WebApp.

Report & Check on Map

Your contribution will help to establish a greater community around our beloved pets.

The Pawpeeps’ Team

How to Report

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It's a simple 3-steps process:

1) Select the right place you want to locate by typing the Zip Code box or City Name. Giving the Ok button, you will go directly to the map, on the specificated spot. Or, if you prefer, jump directly to the map and locate by yourself the required spot. On the map, you can do zoom in/out, select a satellite view, and move freely to other places.

2) You should select a specific area, as accurate as possible: use the zoom option on the map. Once achieved, you can report Toxic Algae, Wild Animal, or Memorial by selection the right button.

3) Select what you want to report by clicking on the respective icon. A window will open where you can enter your Contributor Name (as a nickname, first name, or whatever) and the Report zone where you have to write the detail of what do you want to share. Once ready, accept by clicking on the Ok button and an informative pushpin is placed on the map. Close button, no action is generated.

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Change location

Choose this icon and enter a zip code or city name to locate on map.

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Move on the map

Choose this icon to move the map to the location you like, by keeping press on the screen.

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Toxic algae spot

Choose this icon to report on the map a toxic algae threat in a lake or pond.

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Wild animal sighting

if you see a wild animal close to your place, it could be risky for your family and pets. Please, report it.

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Remembrance, if you want

if you like to share with us the loss of your beloved pet on this WebApp, please do it anytime. We will feel honored for your consideration, and advice.